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Review: Bunnahabhain 18yo

Another special dram which is virtually an unpeated version of an Islay whisky: Bunnahabhain 18yo (46,3%) This again was sample we’ve tried. This one is natural color and unchill-filtered. Color Auburn Nose Slightly salty nose with some earthy (sand, leather, maybe... Continue Reading →


Review: Bunnahabhain 12yo

This time a special dram which is virtually an unpeated version of an Islay whisky: Bunnahabhain 12yo (46,3%) This again was sample we’ve tried. This one is natural color and unchill-filtered. Color Russetmuscat Nose Slightly spicy nose with some earthy... Continue Reading →

Review: GlenDronach 2003 (cask #1933)

This time another Glendronach single cask: GlenDronach 2003, cask #1933 (11yo, 51,4%) Color Amontillad Nose Apple-raisin crumble with some spicy notes. Some earthy notes with oak as well. You can recognise the PX casks but they are not as dominant... Continue Reading →

Review: Talisker Dark Storm

This time another sample I've got from a friend: Talisker Dark Storm (45,8%) Color Amber Nose Sweet (light) smoke in the attack. Some winey cherry notes as well. Spicy notes follow with some woody notes. Leather notes as well. Similar... Continue Reading →

Review: Longmorn 1999

This time something different: Longmorn 1999 - The Distillery Reserve Collection (16yo, 59,6%) A sample I got from a friend. Color Chestnutoloroso sherry Nose w/ water: medium impact on the nose with some citrus (orange peel), roasted flavors (caramel) and a... Continue Reading →

Review: Laphroaig PX Cask

This time another Islay whisky: Laphroaig PX Cask (48%) I got 2 samples of this one and must say it was an interesting one. Color Old gold Nose Campfire, with some hints of the sea. In the far background some... Continue Reading →

Review: Lagavulin 16yo

Last week I did a review of the DE version of the Lagavulin this time their normal offering: Lagavulin 16yo (43%) This was a sample I got in a sample exchange with a good friend. Color Deep copper Nose Peat!... Continue Reading →

Review: Glendronach 1994

This time back to my favourite style of whisky lately: Glendronach 1994 Batch 11 (20yo), Cask no. 3386 (53,6%) An amazing dram of a 20yo single cask Glendronach matured in PX casks. This was again a sample but I'm sure I... Continue Reading →

Review: Arran 1998

This time another sample: Arran 1998 - Pineau des Charentes (55%) This was a sample I got. Color Deep gold Nose With water: cherry, raisins, tobacco, vanilla, herbs, paint Taste Sweet, raisins, creamy and smooth followed some heat (spices and some... Continue Reading →

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