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Review: GlenDronach 2003 (cask #1933)

This time another Glendronach single cask: GlenDronach 2003, cask #1933 (11yo, 51,4%) Color Amontillad Nose Apple-raisin crumble with some spicy notes. Some earthy notes with oak as well. You can recognise the PX casks but they are not as dominant... Continue Reading →


Review: Longmorn 1999

This time something different: Longmorn 1999 - The Distillery Reserve Collection (16yo, 59,6%) A sample I got from a friend. Color Chestnutoloroso sherry Nose w/ water: medium impact on the nose with some citrus (orange peel), roasted flavors (caramel) and a... Continue Reading →

Review: Glendronach 1994

This time back to my favourite style of whisky lately: Glendronach 1994 Batch 11 (20yo), Cask no. 3386 (53,6%) An amazing dram of a 20yo single cask Glendronach matured in PX casks. This was again a sample but I'm sure I... Continue Reading →

Review: Ledaig 2004 vW

This time something different from an independent bottler: Ledaig 2004 - The Ultimate (vW) (61.7%), cask #900174 This is a heavy peat monster! Single cask out of an sherry butt resulting in 627 bottles. I've tasted a sample of this... Continue Reading →

Review: Balvenie 15yo Single Barrel Sherry Cask

The next Balvenie on the table is newer 15yo offering: 15yo Single Barrel Sherry Cask (47.8%), cask no. 751 My review is based on a sample I got so the scoring will not be set in stone and I will... Continue Reading →

Review: Balvenie 15yo Single Barrel

The next Balvenie on the table is the older brother of the 12yo we did earlier. This time it's: The Balvenie 15yo Single Barrel (47.8%), cask no. 3811 This bottle is not sold anymore and replaced by a 15yo Single... Continue Reading →

Review: Balvenie 12yo Single Barrel First-Fill Ex-Bourbon

The Balvenie is one of my favourite distilleries and therefore needs some reviews on my blog. We will start off with a very good and interesting offering from them: The Balvenie Single Barrel 12yo First-Fill Ex-Bourbon casks (47.8%), cask no.... Continue Reading →

Review: Glendronach 2002 Single Cask 14yo Batch 14

As you could read earlier I bought two nice single casks from Glendronach recently. Today the first review of the two: Glendronach Single Cask 2002, cask no. 1504, 14yo finished in PX sherry cask (55.5%) As this is a cask... Continue Reading →

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