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  • Lagavulin 2000 The Distillers Edition (43%)

I’ve bought this whisky recently as it is known as the normal 16yo Lagavulin finished in PX casks. The 16yo is really nice and has very good value for money so I wanted to see if they could even make it more interesting with the PX finishing.




Ocean, salty seaweed, smoke followed by some fruit notes (dried fruits). Ocean rules the nose for me.


Sweet attack (honey) followed by some smoky notes (burned marshmallow). Then it gets a bit meaty (bacon).


Finish is medium long and quite smooth. Sweet smoke (campfire) in the end, slightly dry. Also some dark chocolate deep in the finish.


Interesting dram but I expected a bit more of the PX. You can smell and taste that it’s only finished in PX and not fully matured in PX.

I like the coastal notes it has but would like a bit more sherry influence to balance it out. Is it worth the money I’m not sure on to be honest!

Score = 85/100