This time something different from an independent bottler:

  • Ledaig 2004 – The Ultimate (vW) (61.7%), cask #900174

This is a heavy peat monster! Single cask out of an sherry butt resulting in 627 bottles.

I’ve tasted a sample of this one.


Old gold


W/o water: Leather, smoke (tobacco ash), spice (pepper)

W/ water: some raisins are coming through now, paint, hints of citrus


W/ water: sweet soft fruity (melon maybe apple) attack with some honey, followed by some turf. Complex!


Long, first some heat and spice followed by soft smokey/hay finish, some tobacco


I’m not too happy with the smokey flavours in this whisky. Especially the nose I don’t like with this one. The taste is not too bad but the peaty finish is again too much for my pallete!

Still establishing my base-line here for these peat monsters so don’t shoot me down for not scoring this 88 or 89 like this one gets on WB. As I’m reviewing and scoring them to my liking I will bring down the score for this one a bit due to the nose and finish. The attack in the taste I love and would score a lot higher than 82.

Score = 82/100