Following some Balvenie’s I’ve reviewed two batches of Aberlour’s best value for money dram:

  • A’Bunadh Batch #53 (59.7%)
This bottle was released in 2015 for approx. 60 euro’s. I’ve tasted a sample of this batch.


Chestnutoloroso sherry


W/o water: citrus, dried fruit (raisins, figs) coming through and some spice (pepper, vanilla)

W/ water: some oak comes through now as well

Quite powerful nose.


W/ water: very smooth (little greasy) opening, sweet (chocolate and maybe some honey even), creamy, fruity (cherry, melon), woody notes (oak)

High complexity!


Medium to long, sweet soft opening with some raisins followed by some heat in the finish with spice (or ginger), vanilla, caramel and nuts in the end


Nice thick tears in the glass. Good balance with some spice and tannines to keep the sweetness in check.

Very nice whisky. Compared to the 18yo, this one has some extra complexity in my view. There are better batches out there than this one but this is definitely a good one.

Score = 88-89/100