The next Balvenie on the table is newer 15yo offering:

  • 15yo Single Barrel Sherry Cask (47.8%), cask no. 751

My review is based on a sample I got so the scoring will not be set in stone and I will give it a range. This is how I normally rate my whiskies. First I will give a score range followed by a single score once I’ve had more glasses.

The Balvenie Single Barrel Sherry Cask has been matured exclusively in a single European oak sherry butt for at least 15 years. The term ‘Single Barrel’ conveys the unique nature of the expression, which has been drawn from a single cask of a single distillation.


Chestnutoloroso sherry


Medium impact nose. Sweetness (dried fruits, plums), spices, wood, a whiff of smoke. Very appealing.


Sherry (dried fruits) followed by spices (pepper, maybe nutmeg, vanilla). Warming mouthfeel. Good complexity and balance. Smooth and a bit creamy in the mouth.


Long finish, some heat (spice) followed by sweetness (raisins, honey) with a whiff of (fire)wood. Ending slightly dry.


Very nice balanced whisky with some good dynamics in heat and sweetness. Clearly a sherry based whisky in line with the age. Very appealing!

Score = 86-88/100