As you could read earlier I bought two nice single casks from Glendronach recently. Today the first review of the two:

  • Glendronach Single Cask 2002, cask no. 1504, 14yo finished in PX sherry cask (55.5%)

As this is a cask strength whisky I will review it with and without water.




W/o water: dried fruits, some pears, spicy notes (vanilla, some pepper), roasted notes (chocolate) and some darker/earthy notes (leather). Typical PX sherry nose is there. Nice balance, no alcohol at all.

W/ water: brings some more spicy notes forward (pepper), some more rested notes (toffee) and some softer fruits (apricots, plumbs) as well.

Compared to the 21yo Parliament it has a bit less dried fruit (figgy/raisiny) which gives it an interesting balance and change to the complexity.


W/o water: warm creamy mouthfeel. Dried fruits, sweet but not overly sweet. Spices (pepper, vanilla) and roasted notes (chocolate). Some espresso and chocolate in the finish with some tannines from the oak. Also has some darker/earthy notes (leather) in it.

W/ water: spicy notes stand up against water. Water adds some creamy toffee in the middle in my view.

Compared to the 21yo Parliament it is slightly less sweet and a bit more peppery.


Long mouth-warming, spicy (pepper, vanilla) start followed by sweet and creamy chocolate with dried fruit notes. Small hints of espresso which creates a very appealing finish.


Very good dram for a 14yo. Good balance and high complexity with some interesting dynamics as well in between the PX sherry flavours. I like the spicy and woody notes that stand up against the PX sweetness!

Compared to the 21yo Parliament I like the complexity, dynamics and slightly less sweetness of the single cask a bit more which makes me score it 1 point higher.

Score = 90/100